By virtue of my work at or association with Phoenix Children’s Hospital or its subsidiaries or affiliates, I have a legal obligation to respect the confidentiality of Hospital-related information. Therefore, I hereby understand and agree that as an individual with access to HealthPoint:
  1. I will not reveal confidential patient demographic, financial, clinical and business proprietary information (“Confidential Information”) in any format or discuss such information with individuals who do not have the need to know; and
  2. Any unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information to individuals without an authorized need to know is a breach of confidentiality and grounds for disciplinary procedures including termination of my access.
As a HealthPoint System user, I will maintain proper security & confidentiality of my identification code (ID) and password (“Access Credentials”).It is my responsibility to ensure that my Access Credentials are not disclosed or shared with any unauthorized individuals. Furthermore, I understand that:
  1. I may have access to information for which I do not have the need to know;
  2. Accessing such information is a misuse of access privileges, and a breach of confidentiality;
  3. Misuse of my HealthPoint Access Credentials will be grounds for disciplinary procedures including termination of my access;
  4. Once assigned my Access Credentials, I am responsible for any actions as a result of the use of these credentials that affects the HealthPoint System.
By accepting this, I agree that I have read, understand, and will comply with this Agreement.